Bali Children's project

Dear Inka,

I am beyond proud to present our 2020 Year Summary Video to you, our incredible supporters.

As we reflect on 2020, I hope this video shows how much of an impact your support had in Bali.

The pandemic destroyed Bali's economy in 2020 and left many people on the brink of despair.

But you stayed with us. You continued to donate despite difficult circumstances. You helped to not only keep us going, but to give children and their families hope.

We are proud to say that our work in 2020 has continued to change the lives of children in Bali.

Everything you see in the video was only achieved thanks to support from people like you.

I want to also give a special thanks to Bali Children's Project staff. They are the lifeblood of Bali Children's Project and I am so very honored to work with them.Thank you again for all of your support in 2020 and we wish you a wonderful 2021.Warmest regards,

Linda and the Bali Children's Project team